Multi Rotor

Aerial Photography

Due to the fact that I get many requests for aerial shots I decided to go ahead and invest in a multi rotor that would carry my camera. Having spent many months looking into this prior to going ahead with it I decided the quality of the pictures from the Gopro cameras were just not good enough and went for a machine that could carry a much bigger payload. I now have a machine capable of lifting either my 20 megapixel camera or 36 megapixel full frame camera and staying in the air for about 18 minutes per set of batteries.

If you are a photographer looking into getting a similar machine for aerial photography I would highly recommend getting in contact with Julian Avisenis (click here) who built this for me as he was by far the most knowledgeable person on the subject I have yet met, he even helped advise what sort of equipment I should purchase to learn to fly on first!

Below are a few examples taken with the multi rotor, some of which just wouldn’t be possible any other way for the same cost.

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