Why Good Real Estate Photography Sells Houses
It goes without saying that beautiful photography sells – from cars to cakes. It grabs your attention, draws you in and leaves you wanting more. It’s that sense of excitement and curiosity that Chris Burks inspires in homebuyers across Wellington, taking viewers from PC to porch in just a few clicks. Unlike other real estate photographers, Chris Burks isn’t just a guy with a good camera. He’s a specialist in his field, with exceptionally high standards and extensive experience presenting properties in their very best light. If you require exceptional real estate photography in Wellington look no further.
Chris will:
  • Make the very best use of natural light
  • Use specialist architectural lenses and equipment to create a bright, inviting impression without perspective-distortion
  • Colour-balance, process and supply all photos in the different sizes and formats you need for marketing properties online and in print
  • Upload images the same night for clients who wish to proceed quickly.

The result: photos that could grace any edition of House and Garden, and a significant increase in viewings – both online and in person.

It’s not just real estate photography in Wellington that Chris does, to see his commercial work click here

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